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ID: 231"BonApart" Kuznechnaya 32 Str

Feel the royal atmosphere of Napoleon Bonaparte epoch in Small Palace on "Kharkov" river bank. Theatrical decoration with columns, pilasters, plaster cornices and luxurious furniture will get you to imperial epoch - majestic Empire style!

ID: 265Studio (Салтовское шоссе,14)

Уютная студия с романтичным арочным окошком. Евро ремонт 2014г.: максимально простая отделка, без излишеств. Общую атмосферу стиля поддерживает мебель приятного светлого цвета, продуманные функциональные решения в интерьере, компактные объемы.

ID: 1019, Lenina avenue

Beautiful 1-room apartment with a fresh renovation in a nice house. The apartment is equipped with the required household appliances and electronics. Noise avenue does not disturb to enjoy comfort.

ID: 2241/2, Gagarina avenue

Beautiful 2-room flat in the Japanese style not far from the Kharkov bus station for daily rent. Bright crimson sofa and comfortable bed, huge balcony with panoramic view on Kharkov city. New renovation, new building! Original design with all the modern facilities.

ID: 264Studio (Салтовское Шоссе 14)

Аккуратная квартирка studio расположена недалеко от Французского бульвара (Ориентир м. Барабашово). Евро ремонт 2014 года: функциональный и красивый интерьер, небольшое пространство грамотно спланировано, мебель лаконична и рациональна.

ID: 279Ул. Новоалександровская,54а

Спокойствие и уют загородного дома слились в двухэтажной квартире в стиле "Fusion" недалеко от Пушкинской. Креативные идеи и гармоничное сочетание разных веяний отразились в каждом уголке интерьера апартаментов!

ID: 30"Domino" 64 Lenina Ave

Bright contrast is presented in combination of strict interior lines and sharp desiger's decisions with no compromises around. "Domino" principle is embodied in each apartment's detail. Game of black and white paints it is classic which never will get out of fashion.

ID: 221Mini Hotel Columbus - metro Barabashovo

New! Apartments in the style of "Pirates of the Caribbean." The design of this room lets you experience not only comfort, but also enjoy the original idea of the designer. Here you will find not only all the necessary appliances, but also original accessories.
Welcome to our website Kharkov Apartments!

Looking for a decent alternative to hotels? Our Internet project has been created with the support of a group of apartment owners, so you can find the most affordable apartments in Kharkov from the owners here! We are working officially for over 8 years and provide all the necessary travel documents. Accommodation we offer is directly in the center of Kharkov, on main streets, near metro stations, cafes, shops. We have extensive experience in our field and excellent reputation. We hope that our friendly staff will help you to experience the true comforts of home in our apartment! Cleaning, linen / towels every 6 days for FREE! Attention, the new service! You can use wireless Internet PeopleNet or WiFi in all of our apartments. Details from our manager.

Kharkiv - the first capital of Ukraine, historically, it is the industrial, transportation, student and cultural center of the country.There are more than 20 museums, 30 theaters, galleries in Kharkov. Not surprisingly, life is in full swing, students are constantly arriving, tourists and business groups. While visiting our city, it is possible to live in a hotel, but not all guests like it. First, accommodation imposes certain restrictions on residents, second, usually numbers unnecessarily expensive, and the service does not match the price. For all those who would like a home of peace and comfort without ennoying service the company "Kharkov apartment" offers comfortable apartments suitable for people with different income. In our database, there are apartments for every taste starting from modest cozy one-bedroom at very affordable prices to five-room luxury apartment, where you can live at the highest level.

Thanks "Kharkov apartment" residents and visitors can rent an apartment in Kharkov without intermediaries, you dont overpay for "air" and get a good home for the entire stay. All of our apartments are renovated, equipped with the most modern appliances, very comfortable and welcoming. You can hold an important meeting, settle guests to visit friends or relatives, or to have rest from the madding crowd. Business Area "Kharkov apartment" - its not just apartments rent, but also related services - tranfer from airport / station, an interpreter and guide, as well as cleaning service and cooking. In addition, private taxi will help to avoid problems with transportation in the city. The delivery of flowers, gifts and products directly to the apartment will create the necessary mood and makes your stay in our city truly romantic.

1. All of our apartments are located in the center of Kharkov near the main shops, restaurants and cafes close to the subway and bus stops, so if you want to rent an apartment, then you will not have difficulties with motion around the city by public transport, you can quickly access all key points of Kharkov.

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